Studio Photography, 2014, Puducherry

My sister and I decided that it was important to find a response to the photograph I had posted earlier, a photograph that has excited us because of its fun, idea of play, its performance of ‘modern’/’western’ ‘masculinity’ and more so because it isn’t an image that one associates with the two women (Balasarawati and MS Subbulakshmi) who went on to become world famous names in dance/music. The original picture from 1937 here:

Balasaraswati and MS SubbulakshmiWalking around on the streets of Puducherry we found this 40 year old photo studio. Shilpa using her new found people skills got the space set to re-stage the above. And here is us:

143 Royal Digital Studio 145 Royal Digital StudioThe process itself was great fun although I have to admit I was quite hesitant not knowing how the photographer would react. We showed them the original photograph, mentioned who was in it which didn’t seem to ruffle them at all which was great. Some of the posing is the courtesy of the photographer! Hopefully the beginnings of a very exciting project!

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