Visiting Practitioners – Jana Natya Manch

One of the most exciting days at the Residency!!



‘Ye Hum Kyon Sahein’

Jana Natya Manch
17’March 2015
Performance: 12:45 pm
Presentation about Janam: 4:30 pm in Auditorium

Ye Hum Kyon Sahein (Why should we tolerate this?); Hindi; 25 minutes. 5 actors. Jan Natya Manch. A play based on the personal narratives of industrial workers in and around Delhi, gathered by the actors.The play is a juxtaposition of hilarious, over-the-top farce with deadly serious, quietly assertive docu-drama on the work conditions of workers. Through testimonies of real workers, we learn about issues that confront them, such as low wages, long hours of work, inadequate safety measures, the contract labour system, etc. There is a symbolic representation and creative use of a rope and body movements that runs as a strong visual action in the documentary scenes. The two farcical scenes show two capitalists (father and son, showing continuity and change) interacting with the counter-chorus who egg them on. What…

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