Tainted Peace: Report on Torture, Sri Lanka 2009-2013

Tainted Peace

Freedom from Torture, a UK based organisation has released a report that documents cases of torture between 2009 and 2013. These are based on the accounts of 148 survivors of torture who were referred to the organisation. This includes 125 men and 23 women between the ages of 26 and 40 who were perceived by the government to have/had links with LTTE. One third of the survivors (55 out of 148) were tortured after they returned to Sri Lanka from the UK (some returned after studies and some were deported). This finding should impact on deportation proceedings but is highly unlikely to given the high strung anti-immigration rhetoric currently in sway in UK.

This report is based on forensic reports by doctors called medico-legal reports that can be then used by survivors while petitioning for international protection. This report points to the use of sexual assault as a method of torture, the existence of torture centres throughout the country, surveillance of Tamilians in the diaspora in the UK, lack of consequences as seen in the impunity with which the torturers have inflicted heavy scarring on the bodies of the survivors.

For a more detailed read and to download the full report: http://www.freedomfromtorture.org/features/8481


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