Questions around Venkatappa Art Gallery


This is part of the series of blog posts I am doing around the handover of public spaces by the Government of Karnataka to private Capital.


  1. In the govt order no TD98 TTT2014 dated 16-09-14 it states that the Government has identified “319 tourist destinations across the State where tourist facilities need to be provided/expanded or upgraded.” How do you decide that something needs to be rejuvenated? What are the parameters that are applied to figure this? What were the protocols followed in this identification?
  2. This document also states that “the list is not an exhaustive one and corporates/PSUs can suggest any destination they want to adopt.” Are Corporates more than equal citizens of Karnataka?
  3. How was it brought down to 46? And then to 11?
  4. What was the process of inviting parties to adopt? Was there a tender/bid? The document also states how this will be done “either by one to one meeting with Corporates or by having road shows.”
  5. “A proposal needs to be submitted and a joint inspection would be conducted by Joint Director (PMU) the Nodal officer of the dept and the nominated member from corporate/psu” Was this done for Tasveer? Where are the minutes?
  6. A Project Implementation Committee to approve proposals (all govt members) has been set up to process proposals. Then why is iDeck asking for EOI on behalf of KTVG? Is KTVG the body that decides on the proposals and the sanctioning of projects? Is KTVG a non-elected arm of the government?
  7. Why is iDeck handling this process? Is there a circular out stating how iDeck was hired to manage this process? iDeck consists of the Govt, IDFC and HDFC. Why are private banks deciding on how government money gets spent?
  8. iDeck in it’s publication ‘Expression of Interest’ for Empanelment of Destination Design Consultants for Preparation of DPR for Tourism Projects Identified by KTVG dated 19th January 2015 says that 11 projects were identified by GoK with inputs from KVTG on 30 april 2014. The circular announcing the adoption is issued on 16.09.14. So was KTVG hired to identify which cities/public spaces need to be given up? Is the adoption programme a KTVG creation? What is the constitutional mandate for such a group?
  9. Was this all funded by the government?


  1. The tourism policy states that nearly 30 lakh jobs will be created over the next five years (p.17 TP) On what is this based? The CAG Report states “neither the quantum of investments nor creation of employment opportunities as promised by private sector had translated into reality.” for the period 2010-2015 and “employment generation was not even one per cent of the target fixed under the policy.” (p37. CAG)So why will this not be repeated?
  2. Will you be bringing ESMA to cover tourism?
  3. How many government jobs will be lost?
  4. What kind of jobs will be created?
  5. Will the private players be answerable to the people/govt on how they recruit? For example, can they be held accountable for their caste bias?
  6. Private Capital runs on internships or free labour. Can we demand that people be paid for their jobs? Would they be arrested if they demanded wages?
  7. Are you increasing working shift from 9 to 12 hours?
  8. Your policy states that local employment would be created. Pvt entities have a history of not employing locals, would they be held accountable?


  1. Why are most of the documents regarding this in English? Why does iDeck solicit proposals only in English? Isn’t there a law which states that circulars have to be issued in both Kannada and English? How do your own department people read the circulars put out? Isn’t this an unfair advantage for English speaking people?



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