A poet against the state : Talking with Varavara Rao

What does a Revolutionary poet believe? Playwright Ramu Ramanathan talks to the Maoist ideologue and Telugu poet Varavara Rao

“As long as any party works under the framework of coming to power through elections, and if they think that real power comes through elections through vote, it is an illusion. As long as any party or any force or any people’s movement thinks only in the framework of ‘elections’, this confusion, this illusion will remain. So one has to decide to come out of this election politics and to take up the people’s movement and fight against imperialism and against the feudalism. We must be very clear about fighting the semi-feudal, semi-colonial, comprador system in this country. And since, this system is manifested through State, then you have to decide to fight against the State, tooth and nail. Until such times, this confusion shall prevail.”

Source: A poet against the state : Talking with Varavara Rao