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The Politics Of Being Black And Loud

“Over the past two years, I’ve watched as black people have been silenced, arrested, and even killed for the noise they make. Black people aren’t more or less loud than anyone else, and yet the noise we make is feared, scrutinized, and made public. Understanding why there’s such a sensitivity — and fear — of black noise is a complex and intricate question that doesn’t supply a simple answer.”

By Eternity Martis. An absolutely fabulous way of looking at black presence through sound.

Source: The Politics Of Being Black And Loud

The Travelling Archive: Sounds of Bengal

Was back to looking at sound and found this amazing project called The Travelling Archive. It was started in 2003 by Moushumi Bhowmik a singer and writer based in Kolkata as a collaboration with Sukanta Majumdar, a sound recordist and sound designer. Together they have been touring Bengal – including Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam exploring, listening and recording the sounds of folk music. Their website is a great resource holding within it field recordings as well as documentation of their journey and what making this archive means. It is quite rare to come across a website that holds so much of the process. Great work!

If you want to buy their work you can do so here:

The Travelling Archive