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A Scam called Tourism/KTVG


This post carries on some of the research found on this blog investigating into the conditions under which public tourist spaces are being handed over to private capital/unelected government in the name of development in Karnataka.

V Ravichander, co-chair of Karnataka Tourism Vision Group, has consistently stated in press reports that it was the Government of Karnataka who approached private capital to adopt these tourist spaces. Here’s a quote from March 28th 2016,

 “KTVG played no role in suggesting the adoption of VAG. The adoption programme under corporate social responsibility (CSR) was conceived by the Karanataka government’s tourism ministry. KTVG welcomed it once it became the official policy of the government, and approached corporates and foundations to let them know about the adoption programme. The reality is that there aren’t donors queuing up showing interest; the properties adopted had only one suitor though over 100 firms were approached.” Firstpost

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‘Accountable only to infosys’, Artcon Private Museum and a Full Disclosure Please.

“If we look into how ‘eminent citizens’ and ‘domain specialists’ are hand-picked for these task forces or vision groups, and their actions later, we might find the answer as to why accountability to the Government, or public, is less important and how corporates benefit from their lobbying at the expense of the under privileged.”

Source: ‘Accountable only to infosys’, Artcon Private Museum and a Full Disclosure Please.