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The Battle of Cable Street Oct 4 1936

In October, Mosley and his blackshirts announced a plan to march through London’s East End, a neighborhood populated mainly by Irish and Jewish refugees and immigrants. The government allowed it against the strenuous objections of local groups.

Some anti-fascist groups, including the Labour party and Jewish Board of deputies, decided to ignore the march to starve it of attention.

Most, however, were not about to allow such a thing in their community. A broad coalition of Jews, Irish, Communists, Socialists, unionists, dockworkers and other East Londoners were determined to halt the fascist march by any means necessary.

Source: Mashable.com

Drought in Marathwada, India | Harsha Vadlamani Photography

“Failed monsoons have caused a severe drought in Marathwada region in India. Latur, Beed and Osmanabad distcricts are especially affected by a water crisis.”

A photographic essay by Harsha Vadlamani who I only knew as the curator of one of India’s most interesting photographic spaces – Galli.in Someday I hope to sit and spend time with this one photograph that really sums up India itself.

Source: Drought in Marathwada, India | Harsha Vadlamani Photography

Photos of 100-year India coal fire win Getty Instagram award – BBC News

Indian photographer Ronny Sen is awarded the second annual Getty Images Instagram grant for his work on a coal town in India where underground fires have burned for more than 100 years.

“The underground fire in Jharia has been burning for more than a hundred years now. People who inhabit that space have seen this since they were born. So they are totally aware of it and it’s very much a part of their life,” he says.

“Many villages which were once thriving with life don’t exist anymore. They have simply vanished. While some people have left these areas and shifted elsewhere for better jobs and opportunities in other cities, there is a big population which calls Jharia home and keeps on shifting along the blasting mines.”

Source: Photos of 100-year India coal fire win Getty Instagram award – BBC News