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DRAFT 2// SIDE – International Residency Feb- March 2015. Open Call, Deadline Dec 31st, 2014.

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Open Call \ Precarious Bodies and Work

SIDE is hosting a six weeklong international residency program inviting practitioners to investigate the production of the precarious body, within a broader framework of how working and non-working lives are organized in the current economic climate. We understand precarity as the social and political conditions that render bodies precarious. We seek to investigate Work as a frame, an ongoing construction that defines access to sustainability and survivability. A frame that also through its very existence produces bodies that can no longer work (temporal or permanent) expelling them, putting their survivability in question. The shifting parameters of the definition of ‘useful/productive work’ within the rhetoric of development renders whole populations out of work making them susceptible to violent erasure. Power and the consent of populations it is solicited from bases itself on notions of who is dispensable and who is not, building on structures such as gender, race, class, caste, citizenship and Empire. Such erasures haunt those within the frame producing conditions of labour and lives that become oppressive, soliciting consent under the threat of a violent expulsion. How do precarious bodies act upon us? How do we live in these bodies? And what are the ethical obligations that such an investigation, recognition, apprehension produce?

Some of the spaces this residency wishes to explore are: Care taking/receiving and care work; Immigration, borders and the kinds of work, non-work they produce; Development and it’s changing definition of work. We ask for intersectionality to be a mode/method for investigation.

We would like to bring together practitioners from all disciplines interested in participatory, informal, organic models to share with each other in the residency. The space is one for a gathering and for an exploration. Practitioners will facilitate one weekend long session, and propose some happenings, discussions, walks, film screenings, eating together, militant research, listening together during their stay. Organized and unorganized interactions with students will provide for the creation of a space for learning for both practitioners and the students.

About the Organizer

SIDE is organising with Rashmi Munikempanna. She is a facilitator and independent researcher. She integrates various mediums such as performance, sound, photography, writing and teaching in her practice. She also facilitates on advocacy based participatory photography projects. Her research interests revolve around truth and the image, spectatorship and ethics.
Application Procedure

Applications are open to people from all disciplines and nationalities, to apply please send (i) a cover letter with reference to the call, (ii) CV/ Resume and (iii) at least three samples of your work (links, writing, etc.), (iv) where will you be traveling from in only one email to side@pearlacademy.com. In the subject line of your email, please mention “YOUR FULL NAME- Application for Precarious Bodies and Work”.  The deadline to apply is midnight (IST) 31st December, 2014.  It is a six week residency starting from 20th February, 2015. The working language for this residency is English.

Residency Facilities

SIDE will provide its residents a shared house in Jaipur city, collaborative studio space at SIDE, a modest stipend and materials budget, daily commute to and from the house to Pearl Academy at a fixed time. We will fund train/ air travel within India (subject to distance) and will consider funding international air travel for a limited number of residents. SIDE will also fund the visa processes, though filing the application needs to be pursued by the resident.

At this stage SIDE is not able to fund international air travel, visa processes for all its international residents, we encourage our residents to look for this funding themselves. While sending your proposal do clearly mention if you will be able to fund your own travel or not.

About SIDE

SIDE is an organic community space for students, educators, and practitioners from all disciplines. SIDE is supported by Pearl Academy. It is located on the Pearl campus in Kukas, a peri-urban area of Jaipur City, India.

SIDE is organized in a way that students form organic connections with resident practitioners. We engage with students in different roles as apprentices, participants as well as organizers for different programs.

Utilizing collaborative and participatory models SIDE seeks to develop a critical understanding of contemporary through the accessible and effective lens of “Work”. Further enquiring through categories of “Failure and Productivity”, “Body and Worker”, and “Histories of Contemporary.”

SIDE will be hosting practitioners for 2-8 week long national & international residencies, workshops, research fellowships, publications and other activities will be organized in the coming year.

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